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Site Reports

  • Sophisticated compaction work in Georgia – coffee roasting house with geometric façade from concrete

    Capsulo LTD's new coffee roasting house with office and warehouse facilities stretches out over 10,500 square meters. The façade is a real eye-catcher and presented a great challenge for the construction company UNIX. Wacker Neuson Concrete Solutions can help with advice and the correct external vibrator models.

  • Modernization in the precast factory due to the concrete technology and advice from Wacker Neuson

    Betonbau GmbH & Co. KG in Bockenem is modernizing the formwork systems in their own precast factory with the help of Wacker Neuson. In the process, not only are they relying on the products from Wacker Neuson, such as the external vibrator AR54/6/250, but also on the consultation service of the concrete experts from Wacker Neuson Concrete Solutions.

  • SAP builds on Wacker Neuson Concrete Technology

    SAP, Europe’s biggest software manufacture for handling all business processes of a company, is merging four smaller locations with a new large building in Eschborn. Wacker Neuson provided consultation with its concrete specialists and was involved in the construction in Hesse with a special exposed concrete kit.

  • The Skytrain in Bangkok: Tradition Meets Innovation

    Every day, the Skytrain carries hundreds of thousands of people through the mega city of Bangkok. Inaugurated in 1999, the line is constantly being expanded to this day. Wacker Neuson provided fundamental support in the expansion of the route network through the use of numerous external vibrators as well as its on-site consulting services.

  • Industrial flooring specialist Ready Betontechnik chooses Wacker Neuson

    Wacker Neuson’s customer of many years, Ready Betontechnik, an industrial flooring specialist operating across the whole of Europe, recently produced over 2,200 square meters of floor installation and smoothing for a production and warehousing facility in Lauterecken near Kaiserslautern. The efficient floor smoothing and polishing work was carried out using the Wacker Neuson power trowels CRT 36 and CRT 48, which provide exceptionally high performance and user friendliness.

  • Building bridges: spectacular project in the Pearl River Delta

    The construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is a particularly spectacular project. About 100 internal vibrators from Wacker Neuson are in application here every day.


  • Concrete Contractor BTH Relies On Wacker Neuson Trowels

    Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are vital factors for the German contractor BTH (Boden-Technik-Hehl). Precision work according to a specific time plan is absolutely essential on concrete job sites, since the concrete has to be processed as quickly as possible. BTH uses up to six Wacker Neuson ride-on trowels for a major project in Mühldorf, Upper Bavaria. Approximately 80,000 m² of flooring for a production and assembly hall need to be troweled.

  • The Panama Canal: One of the most important waterways in the world

    The Panama Canal is about 82 kilometers long and cuts through the isthmus of the Central American country of Panama. More than 14,000 ships pass through it a year. The waterway connects the Atlantic to the Pacific and thus saves shipping the detour around Cape Horn at the southern tip of the continent. Among others, about 500 internal vibrators from Wacker Neuson are in use during the current expansion of the waterway.